Businesses that care about people and the planet have to help each other. We’re part of an Ecosystem of change.

Through Community & Collaboration

Welcome To The Ecosystem

Hi, I’m Erika Rodriguez, founder of The Ecosystem + conscious business owner.

After unexpectedly shifting from corporate America to entrepreneurship, I searched high and low for a dedicated online group for ecopreneurs and sustainable business owners like me who prioritized a people and planet-first business model.

I specifically wanted a distraction-free space (not another FB group) where I could make honest connections with like-minded brands and participate in an active community that was supportive and full of resources that would help drive my business forward.

But I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

So I created it myself.

The Ecosystem has a network of eco-conscious businesses across the globe, and as a digital marketing specialist, I provide impact-minded business owners with the necessary online tools & resources so they can elevate their brand and create a positive impact.

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Step away from the internet noise and step into our private community of like-minded people who are eager to connect and grow together.

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The main driving force behind The Ecosystem is to help eco-conscious entrepreneurs like you build and grow a sustainable business that puts people and the planet first.

Don’t get me wrong, we do appreciate that profit is a vital element to your success, too.

But I firmly believe that to do this, you need a strong community behind you.

The Ecosystem brings together resources, opportunities, and a community of eco-conscious and impact-minded businesses so they can grow individually and create collective change. 

Every member has the opportunity to have a role in building this community.

And every founder and business leader deserves access to educational resources, loyal supporters, and the opportunity to make true connections that inspire inner growth and business growth.

I want The Ecosystem to be a grounding space that encourages collaboration, serves sustainable business owners, and brings solidarity to the eco-conscious community.

Our Nonprofit Partner

The Ecosystem is partnered with the reputable nonprofit, Coral Restoration Foundation, the biggest coral reef restoration effort on the planet. Our logo features an endangered ecosystem, the coral reef, and reflects the importance of education, support, collaboration, and community in all areas of life and business.

In choosing the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) as our partner, we looked at everything from their financial transparency and rating on several nonprofit evaluator platforms to their contribution to science, education, and restoration within their field.

While the CRF has contributed significantly to restoring the oceanic ecosystem overall, they've set themselves apart by developing a method that efficiently propagates, or "farms," huge numbers of corals. This approach to coral restoration allows coral to grow 4x faster and is now widely used around the globe. 

The Coral Restoration Foundation's efforts have directly contributed to the increase in coral restoration in the world's oceans. With reliable financial donations from individuals and businesses that give back, they can continue to do so.