The Ecosystem Retreat 2022

Where deep connections and business growth are choose-your-own-adventure. The Ecosystem Retreat 2022 was in partnership with Yugen Earthside, bringing entrepreneurs together from online to in-person. The 1st annual Ecosystem Retreat was deep in the rural Alentejo region in Portugal. Attendees enjoyed daily yoga, plant-based meals, a sustainable winery tour, and more. We look forward to hosting more Ecosystem members in 2024.

  • The Ecosystem Retreat was better than expected (and I expected a lot!). It is hard to put into words how nice it is to connect with humans face to face after so much time spent on screens these past couple of years. I truly felt like I was with my people when I could crank out a couple of ‘power hours’ – after all, the other small business owners there needed to do the same thing! A definite highlight was the organic business conversations that came out of it. I love that it didn’t feel overly structured or forced, but rather, just getting to know one another as people made us excited to learn about and help each other out with our respective businesses. I would 100% recommend this retreat for any small business owner or solo-preneur who wants to get away…but also knows they’ll have to work a little bit while gone. Come do that on this retreat – in great company!
    Hilary Matson
    Founder of Yugen Earthside
  • I would definitely recommend the retreat, and I would do it again. I found it nice to sit with other female founders and learn that our struggles and successes are different because we work across different industries but they are pretty similar so we could talk through a lot. I also started thinking a lot about networking and creating more partnerships.
    Aubrey Wallace
    Co-founder of Dandelion Branding

October 15, 2022

5 Takeaways From The Ecosystem Retreat 2022