For sustainable business owners ready to expand their impact and feel confident growing their business…with a like-minded community supporting them every step of the way.

The Ecosystem

An online community made by ecopreneurs for ecopreneurs to elevate, educate, and collaborate with other purpose-driven businesses.


Do you know what separates successful entrepreneurs from those struggling to facilitate growth in their eco-business?

A Supportive Community.

It’s no secret that running a business is hard work.

But being a self-employed entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to navigate this journey by yourself.

Having a sustainable business that makes an impact on the planet (and your finances) is 100% possible…and you don’t have to settle for online groups that don’t align with your values or invest in niche-generic educational resources to get there.

Imagine what running a successful, for-purpose business would feel like if you could…

1️⃣Have a community that not only helps you stay accountable with your business goals but has your back and cheers you on when the going gets tough because let’s face it, running a business takes a lot more effort than you thought

2️⃣Feel confident when you launch a new offer, pitch an eco-brand or raise your rates because you have the resources, knowledge, and tools available to support your efforts

3️⃣Collaborate with other members on purposeful projects that light you up and partner with brands that align with your values

4️⃣ Create deep connections with business owners who care about the environment as much as you do

5️⃣Learn about the different ways you can implement more eco-friendly business practices

6️⃣ Increase traffic to your website and attract ideal leads by engaging with the community (and without relying just on social media)

You can get all of this inside

The Ecosystem

A community-focused online platform for ecopreneurs and sustainable business owners, like you, who prioritized a people and planet-first business model.

Because having a business that positively impacts the environment (and your bank account) is 100% possible.

The secret is having a supportive community and a toolbox of proven strategies and resources to help you along the way.

Here at The Ecosystem, we want every member to feel confident in their mission, make honest connections with like-minded founders, and access valuable resources to drive your business forward.

That’s why we’ve created an online space that not only prioritizes education and knowledge but encourages connection, collaboration, and partnerships between our members, too.

How It Works

Everything delivered inside The Ecosystem reflects the needs of our members. We’ve curated a space for learning and collaboration, so every single member can create opportunities for growth and see them come to fruition.

What's Inside

When you join The Ecosystem, you’ll have everything you need to be empowered and stay inspired as you grow your green business.

You’ll Gain Access To...

Dedicated Online Platform

Enjoy a distraction-free space (e.g., not another FB group) that encourages business growth, professional development, connection, collaboration, partnership, and more.

  • Welcoming Environment & Supportive Community

Our members know exactly what it feels like to run an eco-conscious business. Whether you’re a solopreneur or building a team, we’re here to amplify, support, and cheer you on at every milestone, no matter how big or small.

  • Virtual Networking Events

Attend expert guest speaker events and themed workshops, network with impact-focused brands, and learn about other industries that put people and planet first.

  • Exclusive Content Designed For Ecopreneurs

Browse (and use!) the extensive online resource library filled with trainings, strategies, tools, books, podcasts, and insights curated specifically for sustainable business owners and ethical brands. Get involved in upcoming content created with and for our members.

  • Monthly Challenges & Events

Each month we’ll hold challenges, workshops, panel discussions, Live events, Q&As, virtual coworking sessions, and more with expert members and guests. Expand your network and knowledge by joining Live or watching replays when available.

  • Professional Development Opportunities

Members have the opportunity to participate in various virtual events, guest blog openings, social media spotlights, public directories, educational resources, and more.

  • Focused Discussion Channels

Access focused discussion channels tailored to your interests and needs. Examples include financial resources, eco tips, branding, job listings, collaborations, and more.

  • Partnership & Collaboration Opportunities

Discover sustainable brands that you can invest in, engage with, or grow with. Find jobs with companies that align with your values and network with guest experts + community members during virtual events.

The Ecosystem makes it possible for you to…

Find guidance along your journey through high-level workshops, expert panel discussions, Live events, and more so you can build a thriving business, one actionable step at a time.

Immerse yourself in an intimate community of go-getting ecopreneurs who get it and are always there to cheer you on, because nobody is supposed to go this journey alone.

Get crystal clear on your business goals and create an aligned business plan that not only reflects your values but helps you reach those big goals.

Learn and apply new tools and strategies with industry best practices, complete with templates, challenges, worksheets, checklists, and resources so you can streamline your systems, master your content creations, attract dream clients, and execute with confidence.

Unlock ongoing support from Erika and members of The Ecosystem community. Ask and answer questions, share your wins, and stay accountable in your goals.

It’s time to claim the freedom and impact that entrepreneurship makes possible and change the momentum of your business.

The Ecosystem is THE community made for ecopreneurs by ecopreneurs who get it 

If you identify as an eco-influencer, sustainable freelancer, responsible maker, ethical products-based brand, for-purpose service provider, green vendor, or anything else in between...

The Ecosystem is for you. 

Free Membership

By joining The Ecosystem as a Free Member, you'll gain access to:

  • Getting Started Video: Learn how to navigate The Ecosystem, including where you
    can access all the channels, resources, tools, and more.
  •  Introductions Channel: Introduce yourself and your business to members. Scroll through previous members’ intros and watch for new ones as more members join.
  • Direct Message: Use the DM feature to connect & chat with fellow members privately
  •    Announcements: Want to announce a new service or product launch?
    Post your news in the community and celebrate!
  • Survey Opportunities: Need feedback, have questions, or want to conduct market research? Post your questions, surveys, or forms in the community!
  • Eco Tips: Find new ways to make your business greener with eco-tips
    from all industries, including web design, printing, banking, and more.
  • Events: Attend live events within The Ecosystem and gain access to a list
    of affiliated sustainability summits, ethical retreats, and more.
  • Collaborate: Reach out to other members for collaboration on impactful projects.
  • Job Postings: Hiring or looking for another retainer client?
    Browse the job postings from other eco-conscious members.
  • Tools & Resources: Browse an extensive online library filled with
    articles, books, podcasts, videos, events, music, and more.
  • Marketplace: A dedicated space to market your business through offer
    promotions, new product line announcements, discount offers, and more.
  • Weekly Wins: Engage with the community by sharing your weekly wins
    and cheer other members on when they share theirs.
  • General Chat: Want to open a topic for discussion?
    Have something that’s on your mind? Use the general chat channel to converse with other members on a variety of eco (and non-eco) related topics.
Everything included in the Free Membership plus+

Paid Membership

By joining The Ecosystem as a Paid Member, you’ll gain access to: 

  • Bi-weekly virtual coworking: Attend pre-scheduled or spontaneous
    virtual co-working sessions with other members.
  • Challenges: Opt-in to a member challenge each quarter and/or
    sponsor a challenge for members to participate in.
  • Directory: Get extra eyes on your brand by adding your
    business details to a public-facing Ecosystem directory.
  • Feedback Channel: Access a curated discussion channel where you can
    ask members for feedback on a business project, launch, product/service, etc.
  • Financial Resources: Learn how to create and write a
    grant proposal, file self-employment taxes, and more.
  • Guest Blogging: Show off your expertise by submitting a blog post
    within your niche. Option to include your headshot, author’s bio,
    and website link to build your SEO.
  • Hot Seat: Paid Members get an opportunity to go Live or do a
    pre-video recording pitch and get honest feedback from other members.
  • Monthly workshops/masterclasses: Lead trainings, workshops,
    or masterclasses for members. Show off your expertise or
    learn about new topics from other presenting members.
  • Networking Events +: Attend Quarterly Meet The Ecopreneurs Events
    and other events with guest experts.
  • Resource Channels: Dedicated spaces with expert moderators
    (i.e. greenwashing, sustainable packaging, eco-friendly promotional items)
  • Special Offers: Offer members a special discount/rate on your
    products/services & get special offers from other members.
  • Video Vault: Unlimited access to recordings of all the
    workshops, events, panel discussions, webinars, and more.



Per Month, USD.
Paid membership will open in July 2022.




Per Month, USD.
Paid membership will open in July 2022.




Per Month, USD.
Paid membership will open in July 2022.


Become A Founding Member!

We’re Currently Looking For Founding Members To Join The Ecosystem’s Paid Membership Tier!

Get a head start inside the paid version of the community by gaining first access to exclusive benefits and opportunities!

Some of the perks of becoming a Founding Member include…

  • ✨ ⁣First-access to moderating a resource channel within your niche (e.g., sustainable packaging, web design, eco-friendly promotional products, podcasting, etc.) Please note: only one founding member per category will be accepted at this time.

  • ✨ ⁣Opportunities to present your content and expertise early on to distinguish yourself as an industry expert (participate in workshops, panel discussions, Live events, guest blogging, etc.)

  • ✨ ⁣Discounted pricing for the lifetime of your membership

  • ✨ Founding Member badge

✨ ⁣First-access to the Member Spotlight feature with a dedicated blog post and social media shoutout for increased outreach

  • ✨ ⁣First-access to presenting a niche-related topic of your choice in the first Ecosystem summit (Q4 2022)

  • And so much more!

These Founding Member spots are at a limited capacity, so I encourage you to act now!

A one-year commitment is required to become a Founding Member in exchange for lifetime access to the discounted membership fee of $180 a year ($15/month).



Per Month, USD.
One-Year Commitment.
Please note: only one founding member per category will be accepted at this time, submit your application below.


How The Ecosystem Works

➡️ Join The Ecosystem as a Free Member or Paid Member

➡️ Gain access to the Ecosystem platform where you can introduce yourself and join dedicated channels that interest you

➡️ Start conversations or join in on existing ones to get to know your fellow members

➡️ Attend Live or pre-recorded events, workshops, trainings, masterclasses, panel discussions, and more

➡️ Browse the library of resources and accelerate your eco-education with courses, tools, templates, blogs, etc.

➡️ Participate in collaboration or partnership opportunities with other members so you can grow your sustainable businesses together

➡️ Reap the rewards of having a tight-knit community of dedicated ecopreneurs in your corner who truly care about you, your business, and the environment

Just to be clear, The Ecosystem is for the eco-conscious entrepreneurs ready to…

  • Learn and apply new tools, strategies, and systems to get things done

  • Get crystal clear on their goals and work out a sustainable plan to reach them

  • Have a large community of go-getting business owners cheering them on every step of the way

  • Receive support and accountability from others and reciprocate in kind

  • Master their content creation so they can attract dream clients

  • Build an aligned business plan that reflects their values

  • Change their lives (and their business) for the better

  • See tangible results for themselves and their customers

If you’re ready to expand your impact and achieve your business goals with a group of supportive ecopreneurs behind you, become a part of The Ecosystem community today!